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CHAPTER I. The Digitizing World:  Get Onboard or Be Left Behind


  • The Transition to Digital Money: What’s with the Fear? A Comparison of Disruptive Technologies throughout World History

  • Centralized vs Decentralized: a Response Against the Economic Meltdown

  • Cryptocurrencies, cryptocoins, alternative coins: what are they?

  • The emergence of digital currencies, and the rise of digital economy


CHAPTER II. What is Bitcoin and Blockchain Basics


  • What is Bitcoin: the Bitcoin Protocol, Uses, Benefits

  • The potential value of Bitcoin: why should you get engaged, and why Bitcoin?

  • What are Blockchains? How Do They Work?

  • The Ecology of Bitcoin: Traditional Banking vs Blockchain-based Money Systems

  • Bitcoin and Blockchain-based Services: What’s in it for Me?

  • Legalities: Where does Bitcoin Stand Under Current Philippine Legislation?

  • Alternative Coins and their Viability

    • Should You or Should You NOT Invest: Identifying the Necessary Features of an Alt Coin to Assess their Long-term Potential Value

    • Top 5 cryptocoins and their purposes

    • Views and reviews of other alt coins


III. Getting Engaged: Walkthroughs and Step-by-Step Guides

A. Diagram of Processes: Public Keys, Private Keys, Transfers/Transactions, Checking balances, multi-signatures, confirming transactions

B. Basic Tools and How to Use Them

1. Wallets: Hot vs Cold Storage, Exchanges, Hybrids

2. Hot Wallets -  legitimate brands, creating, using different hot wallets, transactions,
backing up; advantages, disadvantages, risks.

  •, CoinBase, Blockchain

3. Cold Wallets - legitimate brands, creating, using different cold wallets, transactions, safekeeping; advantages, disadvantages, risks.

  • Trezor, Ledger, OpenDime

4. Exchanges - legitimate, top-rated exchanges based on reliability; advantages,
disadvantages, risks.

  • Poloniex, Bitfinex, CoinBase, Kraken

5. Summary: Comparison Between Storage Methods (Diagram)

6. Security, backups, other services, etc.  


C. Current Available Methods for Acquiring and Cashing Out BTC in the Philippines

1. Buying Bitcoins in the Philippines


2. Cashing Out Bitcoins in the Philippines - Options, benefits, limits

  • E-cards

  • ATM Cardless Withdrawal

  • Deposit to Local Bank Account

D. Transferring BTC from one service to another

E. Converting from one cryptocurrency to another



IV. Protecting Yourself: Detecting and Avoiding Scams, Vulnerabilities to Take Note Of
Warnings, risks, signs of a scam, and countermeasures to follow.

  • Vulnerabilities of Services

  • Signs of Common Scams: If it’s Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

  • Do’s and Don’ts


V. The Future of Blockchains: Significant developments and adaptation opportunities on a global scale, particularly in leading regions (Japan, Europe, America, Russia, etc.).

VI. Glossary of Terms: A quick cheat sheet for terms commonly used in the cryptocurrency world.


VII. Recap: A summary of the important points of the course for review.

References: Links and other resources.

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