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Welcome to the New Colayco Financial Education!

In 2002, we pioneered in promoting Financial Literacy among income-earning Filipinos.  We achieved amazing results and bred a movement in the financial services industry.   Overwhelmingly endorsed by Government, Media, Private Industry and Religious sectors, savings, investment and debt management are top of mind today for most Filipinos and especially among the millions of OFWs.  But radical and disruptive technologies have emerged. A completely new approach to financial literacy is required.


The world has turned digital.  Major technological developments are in the process of radically changing our way of life.  Advances in artificial intelligence, computer and nano technology are painting an entirely different world in the near future.  From the Internet Of Information, came the Internet Of Things.  Communication today is no longer limited to people.  Communication is also between and among Things leading to the Internet of Money.


In the last decade, in the face of the financial meltdown in 2008,  Bitcoin,  (Crypto Currency) and the Blockchain technology was created.   What followed suit was  its massive global adoption despite technical issues and regulatory skepticism of its viability. 


Crypto Currency founded on the Blockchain is unstoppable!  As more people across the globe find them more useful, expect every country to recognize its worth and eventually build and enact supportive infrastructure for its global use.


We can do no less.  Colayco Financial Education has taken on the challenge to educate the public on the merits, opportunities and risks attendant to Crypto Currency.  To be sure, there are exciting and unique opportunities ahead and I want all of you to take part in it.


Get on board now, or Be left behind!

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